Top 5 most recognizable sporting events of our time


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For hundreds of years, sporting events have attracted and united people around the world. Impressions, emotions, energy – this is what attracts viewers so much; the thirst for victory is what the competitors so want. Many originated decades ago, but remain popular to this day and are known to almost every person on earth.

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Olympic Games

It is unlikely that Zeus and other gods of Ancient Greece imagined that the Olympic Games would turn into a global event. In the 19th century, the tradition of competitions was revived by the French public figure Pierre de Coubertin, who sought to improve the physical culture of the French and at the same time cultivate international understanding of the “youth of the world.” 

Since 1994, the Olympic Games have been held once every two years, alternating summer and winter seasons. For more than two weeks, athletes from different countries compete in various sports.

Soccer World Cup

There are only 32 teams among the participants, but every 4 years millions of people from all over the world stop what they are doing for a month to see the contenders for the title of World Football Champion. Teams taking part in the World Championship finals are selected for 3 years before the start of the event. This is a tournament of tournaments, where the best of the best from all corners of the Earth perform. It is during the final games that the real fight begins. 

During the first round, each team plays 3 games against opponents in its group. Each win is awarded 3 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0. The top two teams from each group then meet first in the quarter-finals and then in the semi-finals. The final chord is the Final match. All this time, the fans’ attention is focused on the matches and the festive atmosphere reigning in the stands.

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Tennis tournament “Wimbledon”

Central court. Grass cover. Strawberries and cream. What could be better than a couple of weeks like this in Old London? Wimbledon tournament at the English Tennis and Cricket Club. Taking place in south London, this grand spectacle is one of four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam.

 Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious, mainly because of the attention and pomp that accompanies it. This is the only tournament held on a natural dirt surface. Wimbledon has occupied a prominent place in the history of tennis, and its contribution to the development of this sport cannot be overestimated.

Formula 1

Speed, sound, and thirst for victory! The desire to find out the limits of the possible has constantly pursued humanity, forcing it to approach the limits established by technology and time for the sake of one single goal: “Overcome them!” Formula 1 is a car race that has become a spectacular attraction that demonstrates the capabilities of cars and reveals the shortcomings of their designs. 

This is a race that allows you to test new technological solutions in “combat conditions” and advertise the best automakers. Formula 1 annually gathers millions of fans around their TVs, watching with bated breath as their favorite car rushes to the finish line at great speed, leaving its competitors behind.

National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals

For many years, the National Basketball Association finals have been a platform for the glory of individual players and entire teams. To win, 4 games are enough, but to participate in the Championship you will need to play at least 93 matches. Those who succeed rightfully become famous. Movie stars in the front row of the stands. Fans like Las Vegas showgirls. 

The spectacle in the stands is no less exciting than the game itself on the field. Professional basketball has changed dramatically over the past four decades. The only thing that remains the same is the main prize – the right to bear the name of the World Champion.


The world of sports is a huge variety of sports games and confrontations. Each such confrontation is significant and spectacular, it’s just that some tournaments have become extremely popular and large-scale.


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