Top Tips for Staying Top-of-Mind with Clients Over the Holidays


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The holiday season is not just a time for festive celebrations and merrymaking; it’s also an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to nurture their client relationships. Keeping your clients engaged and remembered during this time can lead to stronger connections and potential business opportunities in the future. This article will explore various methods for real estate agents to stay top-of-mind with clients over the holidays, including a look at the power of sending realtor holiday postcards.

Personalized Holiday Greetings

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to stay in touch with your clients during the holidays is by sending personalized holiday greetings. A heartfelt email or handwritten card expressing your best wishes for the season can make a lasting impression. Be sure to include a personal touch by mentioning something specific about their lives or your past interactions. It shows that you genuinely care about them beyond just a professional relationship.

Holiday Themed Newsletters

Create holiday-themed newsletters to keep your clients informed about the real estate market and trends. These newsletters can include useful tips for home maintenance during winter, the latest market updates, and even some fun holiday recipes. By providing valuable information, you position yourself as a trusted resource and ensure your clients remember you for your expertise.

Virtual Holiday Parties

In the digital age, hosting virtual holiday parties has become a creative way to connect with clients. You can organize a video call with your clients, complete with games, festive decorations, and even a virtual tour of holiday lights in your area. This keeps you in their thoughts and adds a personal touch to your professional relationship.

Share Inspirational Content

Share inspirational and heartwarming content on your social media platforms and website during the holiday season. Share stories of how you and your team are giving back to the community during the holidays, or highlight heartwarming success stories of past clients. Inspirational content can evoke positive emotions and remind clients of your commitment to making a difference.

Offer Exclusive Deals

Show your appreciation by offering your past clients exclusive holiday deals or discounts. Whether it’s a discounted home inspection, a free consultation, or even a gift card to a local restaurant, these special offers can make your clients feel valued and encourage them to engage with you during the holiday season.

Postcards Can Be A Thoughtful Touch

Holiday postcards stand out because they capture the essence of the season. The vibrant colors, cheerful designs, and heartfelt messages on these postcards radiate warmth and positivity. When your clients receive a holiday postcard from you, it instantly puts a smile on their faces and reminds them of your relationship.

Personalization is Key

To make your realtor holiday postcards even more impactful, personalize them with your client’s name and a short, handwritten note. Mention a specific moment you shared during your professional journey or express your gratitude for their trust in your services. Personalization shows that you’ve taken the time to make the gesture truly special.

Timing is Crucial

Sending postcards at the right time is essential. Aim to have them delivered a week or two before the major holidays like Christmas or New Year’s. This ensures that your postcard arrives when your clients are actively engaged in holiday preparations and celebrations.

Include a Call to Action

Include a subtle call to action on your postcard to maintain engagement beyond the holidays. Encourage your clients to reach out if they have any real estate questions or if they’d like to discuss their future plans. This opens the door for continued communication and potential business opportunities.

Follow Up

After sending out your postcards, remember to follow up with your clients. Contact them to see if they received the postcard and ask how they’re enjoying the holiday season. This extra step demonstrates your genuine interest in their well-being.


Staying top-of-mind with clients over the holidays is about maintaining professional relationships and fostering genuine connections. By following these top tips, including the thoughtful touch of sending postcards, you can ensure your clients remember you during this festive season. Remember, the little gestures and personal touches go a long way in building lasting relationships in the real estate industry. So, go ahead and spread some holiday cheer while keeping your business connections strong.


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